cloud based phone system australia

Cloud Based Telecommunications

Netfone provides high quality VoIP business telecommunications services and phone systems to Australian and New Zealand businesses both large and small. These reliable voice services use the best of breed cloud servers for voice data with redundant systems to ensure your call goes through every time. The Netfone Cloud System replaces your existing “old technology” PABX and your existing Telco’s ISDN phone lines and provides geographic redundancy to ensure continuous service provisions. Our broadband services are also set to prioritise voice data so that you always receive excellent call quality.

Key Benefits include:

  • Multi redundancy and continuous service provisions.
  • Call quality and reliability.
  • Security of the cloud environment.
  • Provides ongoing cloud based software enhancements and system innovations.
  • Eliminates high ongoing PABX replacement, maintenance and service costs.
  • Mitigates risk of old PABX technology which is no longer required in the Cloud IT landscape.
  • Netfone replaces this obsolete in-house PABX technology.
  • Reduces the risk of copper lines and old ISDN network.
  • Eliminates the steadily increasing risk of PABX systems failure as the system ages.
  • Provides value and cost effective cloud based telecommunications.