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Netfone Cloud Hotel

We have been developing our own unique IP and hotel specific features and functions with our hotel partners since 2008. Through these ongoing relationships and collaboration we have continued to develop the most relevant, effective, beneficial and innovative telephony solutions for hotels in Australia and New Zealand. Along with all the key benefits of our cloud based telecommunications, our Netfone Cloud Hotel System also delivers:

  • Unlimited local and national call plans for landline and mobile out-bound calls.
  • Provides the most reliable, high quality and cost effective telecommunications.
  • Provides a virtual contact centre with a suite of call data and business intelligence.
  • Delivers hourly and daily call reporting to measure, monitor and improve customer service levels.
  • Provides the opportunity to measure, monitor and improve sales conversion to increase sales.
  • Over 15 hotel specific features including:

Hotels features List

Hotel Features Notes and Benefits
Configure Netfone in an internet
browser from anywhere
Self manage and make changes easily and rapidly without a PABX technician at no cost.
Automated answering system Allows automated answering and call forwarding to be programmed.
Missed call voicemail messages
can be sent as emails
Ensure a speedy way to reply to messages and listen to emails from any location including smartphones.
Mapping room numbers to phone extention numbers Allow guests to dial room numbers.
Manage telephone open/close hours Set and forget, forward planning and easily updated.
Fax to PDF system Eliminate costly fax lines with Netfone’s fax to PDF email function.
Smartphone web portal Allows changes from your mobile.
Recording of incoming calls Improve customer service levels through auditing and staff training.
Listen to incoming calls from a browser Flexibility to listen from any location with an internet browser.
Business intelligence Measure, monitor and improve customer service levels and sales.
Reporting Graphical representations for easy of communication and action.
Apartment door-phone support Enable unlocking doors from a remote location over the phone.
Telephone conferencing Access to a sophisticated Netfone conferencing facility.
Call failover due to power or internet cut Calls are automatically redirected to another number eg: mobile phone.
Sophisticated Caller ID prefixing
to identify the source of calls
Eg: call prefixes displayed on the desk phone can include:
“New Reservation”, “Existing Reservation” etc…
Customised music on hold options “Music on Hold” can replace messages on hold at no cost.
Guest wakeup calls Set and forget and log the wakeup call to the room at a prefetermined time including guest acknowledgement/confirmation function.