Cloud phone systems for Hotels nz


“As our business expanded we needed to update our phone systems to give us multiple lines, voicemail at extension, call transfer and so on. I was reluctant to invest in an archaic expensive PABX system and considered that VoIP was preferable. Netfone delivers all the features we were looking for and more. The investment was a fraction of the investment in a PABX. The Netfone system is modern, flexible and reliable. The call quality is as good or better than the old landline – you forget that it is a VoIP system and just make and receive calls. The service from Netfone is excellent. I believe that Netfone and VoIP is a no-brainer for most businesses.”

Alan White, Solution Integration

‘’Netfone provided a telephony solution for the Melbourne Parkview Hotel at a much more competitive cost quoted by traditional vendors such as Alcatel & NEC. The trade off to generate these kinds of savings are usually service and reliability however Netfone have been fantastic. The service in particular is outstanding with no request too much trouble, Netfone just get on with delivering solutions in a friendly and efficient manner on a stable and reliable platform that delivers up times over 99.9% as promised.’’

Andrew Goldfinch, Melbourne Parkview Hotel

“We decided to upgrade and improve our phone services as well as have the ability to measure our customer service levels over the phone and decided that Netfone were the preferred option. The transition from the old PABX was quite seamless and the Netfone telephone service is providing the high level of call quality and reliability that was promised. We also have accurate and timely call data and measures to assist our team in continuing to offer high levels of customer service as well as delivering increased sales. ’’

Daniel Hibberd, Quest Apartment Hotels, Docklands

“We had Netfone installed in our hotel in NZ a few years ago and when we purchased Comfort Inn and Suites Traralgon, one of our priorities was to update the old PABX phone system. Again we chose Netfone as it is the only hotel specific telephone system that not only provides cost effect, high quality calls in the cloud environment but also a large range of features specifically for hotels like mine. With a substantial amount of bookings still coming over the phone directly to our property, the call data, service level management and call recording also helps us to ensure we maximise our calls and convert as many as possible. The help desk service is excellent and I will be installing Netfone at my next hotel as well.’’

Anand Sangwan, Comfort Inn and Suites, Traralgon

“Trio Technology uses Netfone for our phone system and internet. The VoIP system is perfect for our needs, with the ultimate flexibility of desk phone, PC phone or mobile access, whilst also giving us a ‘landline’ as such for our customers to call. The hardware is excellent, the service is brilliant too. Comparing a Netfone VoIP system to a normal phone system is quite unfair on the phone system.”

Nick Crossman, Trio Technologies

“We implemented Netfone almost two years ago and the daily business intelligence, call recording, reporting and measurement is now embedded into our team culture and greatly assists us in driving continuous improvement in customer service and sales conversion.’’

Kris Marinakis, Quest Apartment Hotels, Mont Albert